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What is the Truth Behind Pool Spa with Australian Spa Parts That Can Allegedly Help Lower Blood Pressure?

Some people take on the assumption that if they get themselves into a hot tub with or without Australian spa parts, their hearts will start to beat faster and harder. Thus, inducing their blood pressure to escalate. 

However, many people are unaware of the fact that this is the human body’s way of removing its excess heat due to the temperature rise courtesy of the hot tub water. While this process is ongoing, there is a surge in the flow of blood, causing oxygen levels in the user’s body to rise as well.  

During this phase, the blood pressure would go up, but that is only temporary. The warmth of the water from the pool equipment will cause your cells to dilate. Consequently, this will lower your heart resistance and thus eventually cause the blood pressure to go down and stabilize. 


Blood Pressure will Go Back to Normal

There has been very little published research on the actual effects of using hot tubs and their possible impact on blood pressure. There is one relevant research here that involved a group of people. The subjects were being treated for stable hypertension while others were clear of the aforementioned condition. 

Before and right after their 10-minute hot tub session, their respective blood pressure measurements were taken into account first. Neither party reported experiencing any significant adverse impact on them following their 10-minute hot tub soaking. 

All participants in the said experiment experienced a significant decrease in their blood pressure and a rise in heart rate upon initial entry into the hot tub. The good thing about the whole experience, though, is that there are no observable adverse effects on the heart rate and blood pressure. Even right after the experiment was done and completed. 

What You Need to Avoid

In general, health care professionals agree that soaking in hot tubs and similar pool equipment can cause no issues provided that the user’s hypertension is under control. With regard to any medical concern, it is critical to follow the advice of the health care provider

However, switching back and forth between cold water and hot tub water is something to avoid when using a hot tub, regardless of whether it has Australian spa parts or not. 

Such an action can set the stage for elevated blood pressure. The adverse effects of which are sometimes immediately observed, while others may take a while to feel anything unusual in their body systems, particularly blood pressure and all.  

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If you have your attending doctor’s approval to use a hot tub, you will eventually realize that it will help you lower your stress level while your body is coping and adjusting itself to its induced relaxing mode.

Stress will always create a negative impact on our blood pressure. But this condition will gradually improve over time as your body and its systems get used to the beneficial effects of hot tub soaking.

The crux of the matter is that if you have high blood pressure, it is relatively safe to heat yourself in a hot tub or even a sauna facility—but you must proceed with caution and care.

Take time to reach out to your trusted physician first before engaging in any aforementioned activities to ensure your safety and have peace of mind as you enjoy a relaxing soak in your hot tub.