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What Should Spill Kits Contain?

A spill kit contains equipment and gear needed for cleaning up any hazardous material spill. In most cases, it is an all-in-one container. In case of a corrosive material spill, the kit will help workers control and contain the spill.

Although such a type of kit is common, many people wonder what is inside the kit or what the kit should contain.

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Various Types of Spill Kits

Generally, there are three different categories of spill kit. Company owners must identify their needs to determine the type of spill kit to purchase and use. For many companies, a general-purpose kit is enough, while others need a hazmat kit. Here are the three different types for you to look at and compare.

General Purpose Kit

As its name suggests, this kind of spill kit is intended to be used for both hydrocarbons and water-based liquid. This kit is made with gray absorbents that make it practical for cleaning up hydrocarbons and water.

Oil-only Kit

This type has white absorbents and is specifically designed to clean hydrocarbons like gasoline and oil. The absorbents that come with this kit can float on water for better and more effective cleanup of hydrocarbons.


The third kind is a hazmat kit that is intended for spills that involve highly corrosive solvents and acids. This kit contains yellow-colored absorbents.

Spill Kit Contents

While spill kits are for certain spills, they all consist of the same elements, namely: PPE, absorbents, and clean up items. The workers need to be trained and aware of the differences in materials and their limitations to guarantee safety. Such items include the following.

Personal Protective Equipment

Regardless if the kit is for battery acid spill or oil spill, there will always be a kind of PPE that comes with the kit. One of the most popular types of PPE utilized for spills are gloves, eye and face protection, boots, or shoe covers, etc. There should be a disposable laboratory coat, a corrosive-resistant apron, and respiratory protection for chemical spills.


These include sponges, cloths, loose powder mops, etc. made of a material that absorbs and contains spills. Absorbents in kits are based on the kind of material they are intended to soak up. For instance, an all-purpose absorbent is placed in a universal spill kit; however, a battery acid spill kit is more likely to absorb and contain the spill.

Cleanup Materials

A spill kit needs to have a scoop or dustpan to soak up the spill. The kit is also likely to include a plastic bag for used personal protective equipment items for disposal. Moreover, it should be in a container that is large enough for the spill.

Additionally, aside from having the right supplies for the spill cleanup, the kit also needs to have disposal materials and instructions for the workers. Any public or environmental risk hazard’s potential is reduced or eliminated with proper spill clean up and disposal. This equates to less stress and unnecessary expenses that the company has to deal with.