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3D Printing Australia: Inspiring, Engaging, and Preparing Students for STEAM Careers

Over the next 20 years, the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) field is expected to grow significantly. And to keep up with this growing demand, teachers should think outside the box to inspire and prepare their students for careers in this field. 

The best way to inspire, engage and prepare students for STEAM careers is to fully  expose them to related disciplines, to advance their skills in critical thinking and other in-demand skills in the field of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

3D printing Australia

3D Printing Australia being at the forefront of technological innovation goes hand in hand with teaching strategies that will develop the necessary skills needed by students to help them set for future success. 

3D Printing Australia for Education

Learning by Making

The application and utilization of 3D printing technologies in the classroom have gained great traction through learning by making. 

Subjects such as engineering, chemistry, math, and architecture all make use of 3D printers, however we must take note that the actual advantages lie in the development of imagination and creativity. Students from K-12 to university students can benefit from the blast of imaginative capabilities resulting from educational technology.

Fueling Creative Process

3D printing fuels the creative process and enthusiasm of every student when they can grasp in their hands the actual model they have built from their own imagination.

The impressive and precise details of 3D models make it possible for future scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to measure, bend, hold and improve their ideas and turn them into a tangible object.. 

The current technology that professionals use in their jobs is the same technology used in the classroom, which means that tomorrow’s job-seekers will already have the experience required by their future managers.

Top Applications of 3D Printing in STEAM Classes

Here are some of the top applications of 3D printing to improve learning in STEAM classrooms:

• Create and design simple machines by assembling the parts using drag-and-drop CAD programs. This way, students can bring ideas and concepts to life by 3D printing them. 

• Designing and building prototypes to boost creativity and critical thinking among students.

• Utilize CAD software to solve and explain problems and 3D print prototypes of their models.

• Present and discuss complex geometry concepts using 3D printing visualizations to aid spatial imagination.

Get Started with 3D Printers in STEAM Education Today

Presently, 3D printers and scanners have become more inexpensive than ever and easier to use. Investing in 3D printers for your classrooms provides the foundation for future generations to continue innovating and solving problems.

Aside from investing in a suitable 3D printer, educational institutions should also invest in 3D scanners and various materials for printing. It is critical to get a printer that fits your school’s budget and needs, and that’s where 3D printing services come in with expert advice.


Integrating and embedding 3D printing technology in STEAM learning inspires the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills required for future workforces to thrive in these crucial STEAM disciplines.